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BPRA - Our Story

The Boston Police Relief Association was organized in 1871. It was incorporated under the statutes of Massachusetts in 1876. Our membership is comprised of sworn personnel, regardless of rank, and is governed by the power vested in the Board Of Directors who are elected by the members.

The BPRA was founded for the purpose of assisting the families of deceased members of said Association, and the members thereof when sick and disabled, or upon the decease of their spouse, and for the purpose of protecting and promoting the social and economic welfare of said members, their families and dependents.

While the BPRA continues to be the organization for helping Boston Police Officers and their families in their greatest time of need, it has grown to encompass a broader purpose of helping the Boston community as a whole. BPRA consistently holds the Annual Police Memorial Mass on the first Sunday in June, the Annual Ball, and Four Blood Drives per year.
Contributions and Donations to the organization are unsolicited yet are deeply appreciated to further the endeavors of the Association.

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